Anti Ageing Cream

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FIDOVERA Anti Ageing Cream

Indications & Benefits:Fidovera Anti Aging Cream 01 825x638

  • Sun Protector: Protects From Harmful U.V. Rays
  • Reduces Wrinkles, Dark Circles And Puffiness
  • Hydrates And Nourishes Skin
  • Restores Skin Elasticity To The Skin By Decreasing The Collagen Formulations


 Squalane(Natural Emollient): Reduces Suppleness of the Skin, Biotin(Vitamin B7): Promotes Cell Growth & Normal Health of Nerve Tissue of Skin, Vitamin E Acetate (Antioxidant): Destroys Free Radicles, Aloe Vera Extract (Moisturizer): Provides Natural Smoothness to the skin, Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate, D-Panthanol


Presentation: 60 g tube